Risk Management


Companies have to identify and appraise the risks they encounter in order to maintain continuity and turn their liabilities into strengths.

Crossborder will provide support in identifying these risks in each phase of your operations and will also provide you with methods to minimize them.

Sector And Market Risk

  • Growing or Diminishing Sectors
  • Decreasing Profit Margins
  • New Investment Feasibility Plans and Return of Investment
  • Optimum Growth and Diminishing Margins

Risks On The Balance Sheet

  • Collection Risk
  • Inactive Assets
  • Low Inventory Turnover, High Inventory Costs
  • Low Profit Margins
  • High Borrowing
  • Equity-Debt Balance
  • Exchange Rate Risk
  • Domestic Market Sales v.s.Export Comparisons

Relations With Banks

  • Compatibility of Finance Structure and Operations
  • Necessary and Sufficient Number Of Banks
  • Guarantees Given to Banks

Internal Control Systems

  • Bank Reconcilements
  • Consistency With Purchasing Procedures
  • Follow Ups for Value Dated Checks In the Portfolio
  • Inventory Count
  • Follow up Systems For Approved Customer Credit Lines

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