Human Resource


Targeted performance in companies can only be achieved by effective use of all resources. In today’s competitive world human resources, in addition to technology management, equity capital and technical know-how, is the most critical resource of companies and yet the hardest to attain and keep.

Crossborder offers you services in all areas pertaining to HR and Organizational Effectiveness including change, learning, HR and Performance Management services in order for you to attain optimum work performance through effective HR management. Crossborder also works with you in order to make HR applications and company visions, missions and business strategies compatible by focusing on the ‘human factor’ which determines the success of your company.

Human Resources Operations

  • Defining HR Strategies
  • Restructuring The Business Process Flows
  • Clarification of Responsibilities
  • Identifying The Norm Staff
  • Performance Management
  • Staff Hiring and Placement Systems

Change Management Consultancy

  • Defining and Implementing Corporate Culture
  • Defining Training Needs
  • Outsource Training Needs
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