Strategy and Operations


Top management is responsible for the development of strategies and the continuation of operations as per these strategies. These strategies contain many critical activities such as determination and improvement of the vision, strategy management and measurement of company performance. 

Throughout this important decision making process, Crossborder will provide support in areas such as operational management, financial management, risk management and customer relationship management.

Defining Corporate Strategy

  • Defining Corporate Visions and Strategies
  • Matching of Visions and Strategies With Targets and Objectives
  • Sector Analysis
  • Positioning In The Market
  • Organization Planning

Planning and Budgeting

  • Long Term Planning
  • Targets For Capacity Increases and Investments
  • Annual Budget and Cash Flow Preparations
  • Actual vs Budgeted Comparisons

Profit Increase and Cost Efficiency/Cost Cutting Measures

  • Cummulative Annual Balance Sheets and Income Statement Analyses
  • Major Cost Items Analysis
  • Repeating Process Analysis
  • Effective Human Resources Politics
  • Profit Measurement and Evaluation using Disparate Criteria
  • Centralized Operations

Purchasing Strategies

  • Identifying Suppliers
  • Purchasing Procedures
  • Intra-Company Purchase Request Standardizations

Redefining The Work Process

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