Primary Offerings : Crossborder provides consultancy services in the following areas: determining entrance strategies into capital markets for companies that intend to go public, compilation of necessary information, selecting the correct broker, determining the accurate public offering price, fulfilling the conditions laid down by the Capital Markets Board (CMB) and the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) for the realization of the listing procedures, coordinating intermediary institution-CMB-ISE investigations, creating prominence for the company for the benefit of local and foreign investors via presentation meetings and road-shows.

Investor relations : Capital markets are always an important resource for corporations where they can raise funds and diversify their finance structures, but only if company management protects the interests of investors, if it establishes a transparent and healthy relationship with the investors, and if it applies corporate governance rules and principles.

Crossborder provides services for the establishment of necessary structures so that companies can adopt corporate management principles in accordance with this objective. We also establish investor relationships, which are of utmost importance for the presentation of the company to local and foreign investors and which in turn will lead to an expansion of the investor-base resulting in healthy and consistent trading volume.

Secondary Offerings and Equity Linked Issues : By also providing consultancy to companies in areas such as secondary offerings of stock and convertible bonds, stock option agreements, and derivative finances such as mezzanines, we make it possible for them to use the capital markets more effectively and to improve their corporate finance needs...

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