Mergers and Acquisitions


Through developments in financial markets and new products, technological innovations , developments in transportation and increasingly liberal economy policies, globalization has gained momentum. In addition, high consumption trends and similar tastes all over the world have resulted in low product life-spans. Customers , being “the kings”, have brought profit margins down and in order to save costs , companies have begun to shift their operations to new international markets. This is true for Turkey as well. The European Union accession process, improving macro economic conditions, the restructuring of the local finance sector, increasing privatization and the transformations our country is experiencing in many other areas have made Turkey a rising star for foreign investments.

As in the rest of the world, strategic partnerships and acquisitions are becoming more and more prevalent in Turkey.

In local or foreign acquisitions and mergers as in Joint Ventures or Privatizations, Crossborder’s primary principle is to provide consultancy services urging a company to make correct business decisions which should be implemented and applied in accordance with strategic plans and optimum financial structures.

Crossborder’s primary services include but are not limited to evaluating the current condition of the company with regard to a possible partnership or acquisition, determining the range of the company’s value, investigating and contacting potential targets, assessing both the synergy expected to emerge after the merger and the new corporate structure, providing - synchronous with legal, tax and audit consultancy - consultancy to shareholders in finalizing the merger or acquisition, assisting them in the preparation and control of necessary documents and coordinating all data-room preparation and due dilligence efforts, consulting them on the shareholding structure and strategic planning of the commercial entity that will emerge following the merger or acquisition...

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